LaMouche Salon

LaMouche Salon


Quotes The staff at LaMouche was wonderful. I have never experienced such a relaxing day at a spa. The girls were so attentive and professional. I highly reccomend anyone to enjoy services at La Mouche. Quotes
Otila B.

Quotes I would like to thank you for such a relaxing day my daughter and i spent a day of beauty with the staff @ laMouche salon they treated us like rock stars and we look like them too love-it Brandi Quotes
Brandi B

Quotes Thanks Kathy, Great Haircut! My hair usually looks good when I leave a salon, but it's after I sometimes run into problems. Not this time, it is easy to manage myself. Thanks again Quotes
Amanda O

Quotes Dear Kathy, Thank you so much for participating in Bonita Springs' SWFL Project Backpack by donating your time and resources with free haircuts. You, as a part of this community, have made this possible. We look forward to partnering with you and LaMouche Salon for future community events. Working with you is what made this event such a success. Quotes
Living Waters Community Church
Bonita Springs SWFL Project Backpack

Quotes Friendly faces and superb treatment! La Mouche offers hair stylists, nail technicians as well as certified estheticians for facials. Thank you La Mouche!!!‎ Quotes

Quotes have never been happier with my hair after going there. La Mouche has a wonderful atmosphere, a great staff and they did my hair exactly the way i pictured it.They are by far, the best hair salon i have been to, and their prices are very reasonable. I will never go to any other salon. Thank you La Mouche!.‎ Quotes